Why bloodlines are important

Although I am not a breeder, I have worked for breeders, bred one horse of my own, and been avidly interested/semi-involved in the breeding industry for over a decade. Often when I see a horse at a show that I particularly like, I will approach the owner and ask what it’s bloodlines are. 9 times out of 10 I get a blank stare. Once I even had to tell the person that their horse was registered BWP (according to it’s brand) because they had no idea what that “wagon wheel” was. Serious facepalm moment.

this is not a wagon wheel

I understand that sometimes papers are lost and people just don’t know anything about the horse, but the amount of people who also just don’t care in this country is pretty shocking to me. If you ride sporthorses, and have any interest in riding them in the future, you should care! The breeders are…

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Product Review: Fits breeches/ TS Icefill

SO, as usual I spent way too much at the tack store, but I ended up with one amazing product, and of course there’s always the one that seems better on the rack.

The one best left on the rack (for hotter weather that is) is the TS Ice fill. I honestly wasn’t impressed with this shirt, but let me tell you I wanted to be, because the color I got (mint) is GORGEOUS. It just wasn’t the ‘ice fill’ feel; I was sweating like a dog doing barn chores the past two days, and it’s maybe been 80ish degrees tops these past two days.

21636_Tiffany_SiloThis shirt sure as heck wont stand up the the hundred degree heat that comes in GA during the summer. For myself this shirt is perfect for temps between 70-60, because after it cooled off a little tonight and I actually rode in the shirt I was fine. It’s comfy and flattering fit (for my body type aka the twig) and long enough to tuck into your breeches and not have to worry about it coming out. The colors are also so cute, the tiffany that is shown here is the color that I bought, and have gotten compliment after compliment on. Makes me sad really because I wish I loved this shirt as much as I hoped I would when I bought it. So there are definitely some pro’s to the product; gorgeous colors, trendy fit, smooth and classy looking fabric. Even though the ice fill part of the shirt didn’t necessarily work so well I’d consider buying another next fall when this summers colors go on sale (everyone need’s a little pastel when the leaves are changing). For my summer shirts with the SPF protection i’m looking for i’m going to stick to EIS, riding sport, and Ariat.

Now onto the product that I LOVED, and when I say loved, I mean it. I was on the fence about these breeches for their price ($160+ depending on where you buy them), but after I rode in them I loved them. The FITS Free Flex breeches, seen below in clay (I bought the stone color which is a lovely grey).22274_Clay_VendorFront I say I was on the fence because i’m a small person, I mean certified twig small, and FITS other breeches didn’t fit me in their xs, so I was concerned about these stretching out possibly and not fitting etc, the fabric is also on the thinner side, they fit and wear more like tights than the regular breeches, which actually makes them pretty good for the summer! I put them through the tumbler today, 6 hours of barn work: grooming, mucking, feeding, tacking, bathing etc, and they held up great! The fit is flattering, and the color pallet they come in can be paired with a lot of colors. They stood up to a hard day at the barn, and a hard ride great! I just hope they can keep up with me!

As for how the breeches rode (the most important part). Holy AWESOME. The seat is insanely sticky. I mean if you were driving with that one friend who’s known to drive terribly, worry not, your butt isn’t going anywhere…provided they have leather seats. I of course tested this in my own car…not recommended product testing but hey, it was sort of fun. These breeches had me secure in the saddle, I didn’t feel like I was going anywhere no matter what the horse did underneath me; and usually in the saddle I ride this horse in i feel like i’m swimming, so these breeches actually did help me ride effectively because I didn’t have to worry about so much of what I was doing because I wasn’t going anywhere in the tack unless I wanted to. As sticky as these breeches are, you have a good range of movement in them, i’m talking squats and dead lifts kind of movement. Normally I feel like some full seats with a sticker seat hold me down in the saddle and don’t let me post effectively, but the people at FITS actually developed this nifty crotch gusset that replaces the synthetic leather there with fabric. It let’s you sit deeply and securely into the saddle, as well as post freely without feeling restricted.

Their ‘tummy’ panel though is just doubled fabric, so if you’re looking for a forgiving kind of breech to hide some flaws these wont help you much, they’re pretty ‘see as it is’ because they’re a thing stretchy material, the synthetic full seat is also pretty thin, but it gets hot when you ride, can you say butt sweat much?? That’s really the only flaw, though every pair of full seat’s i’ve ever work will leave you a little sweaty in undesirable places, these thank fully though don’t harbor the sweat and because of their thiner material dry out quickly.

I could rant and rave about these breeches all night but that isn’t going to help any of you if you want to buy them! Guess who is going to cary them soon? My very own favorite The Tack Shoppe of Collingwood! A wonderful company located in Nottawa, ON, Canada. They are a full service tack shop who provides the trendiest styles, as well as the most functional products around. Fit, fashion, and function are important to these guys, as well as their customer base (; so help it grow!

First day at one job, and handling days off.

One of my jobs started yesterday, another has been going on since December, and the third doesn’t start till April. Yesterday I was just kind of thrown into the mix of things at Atlanta dressage, spot cleaning everything that had an ounce of dirt on it, and even helping the vet! My boss kept apologizing for being absent and having her own set of chores to do but honestly I really like being given a list of stuff to do and running with it, even if it involves me climbing onto a very precarious ladder and almost eating the dirt once. Honestly falling off of a ladder would probably have been the most hilarious first day on the job tale.

I got the opportunity to help the vet too and learn about some good ole equine dentistry. We have a horse named Charlie, BIG guy, loves his food and his personal space, and about a year ago he got a crack in his tooth, which at the time got infected and treated but since then his food has been getting stuck in it and widening the crack. It honestly doesn’t bother him but it isn’t loose enough to pull yet, and the vet wanted to check his roots to make sure they looked okay. So I got to wear the awkward protection vest and hold the xray plate, which was surprisingly heavy. It was a pretty cool first day honestly, all the clients are nice, the horses are adorable and cuddly and I can’t wait to keep working there as a groom when the bosses get back with the other horses from Florida!

As for days off…a lot of us equestrians struggle with the questions of what the hell do we do when we have some time off. We mostly work 7 days a week, sometimes 12 hours or more a day, and then when we have nothing to do we tend to go stir crazy (I do at least).

Today was one of those horridly boring days off for me, so I decided to sketch and paint, which takes up most of a day no problem for me. If you’re coming from my twitter you probably saw all of the goings on of today, me sketching a bunch of peoples ponies (who are all adorable by the way) and another painting that I started and finished seen beloe, and listed for sale on my Etsy shop as prints! Tbay geldinghis is really what I tend to do with my days off, so if i’m not posting about what i’m doing with my jobs, i’ll be posting about my painting! SO on that note here’s some shameless self promotion, so go visit my etsy shop and buy something (;

Here are to other paintings that I’ve been working off and on on for a while now, the Tiger has been in progress for…oh like two years maybe. It was one of things I just couldn’t get perfect. The horse, of course, wasn’t as tough to decide on how to finish.

Anyways, goodbye for now all, hope you enjoyed looking at some of art work! Remember that I also do commissions so if you want a portrait of a pet, or a portrait as a gift, please feel free to get in contact with me and we can work something out.

First Post!

This is my first official post to the blog, and I wanted to welcome everyone who’s reading to my blog and say hi! I hope you enjoy reading bout my crazy life.